Compro by Skee Mask

By Kocmoc HQ on 20/05/2018 — 1 min read

Boy wonder Bryan Müller a.k.a. Skee Mask comes of age with Compro, a dreamily sensual 2nd album tessellating ambient techno, jungle, IDM/electronica and breakbeat science for his Munich-based crew at Ilian Tape.

Cadging cues from classic Aphex Twin as much as Basic Channel, the 12 tracks on Compro cycle thru a plethora of styles with the innocent agility and explorative freedom of the early-mid ‘90s wave of producers who arguably established the patterns that we all dance in and around today.

However, with the benefit of hindsight and the relative ease and tactility of modern production methods, Skee Mask feels to evaporate and render those patterns with a finer grasp of spatial dynamics and layered textures, ultimately manifest in the vaporous designs of album opener Cerroverb, and resulting unique highlights in the cloud dynamic ambient ‘ardcore of 50 Euro To Break Boost, which sounds like Fennesz doing breakbeats, or in the sublime weightless percolations of Vi Sub Mids, and particularly on the elusive rush of Soudnboy Ext. and the very Tom Jenkinson-esque closing couplet of Kozmic Flush and Calimance (Delay Mix).

Review by Boomkat

Released: May 15, 2018

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